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Cimerora Imperious Task Force

New Content!

Last night, I felt adventurous and decided to enter Cimerora. This is part of the new content in i12 and is a Roman-esque themed zone. You can reach Cimerora as a hero, by seeing Montague in the University at Steel Canyon. There is a special task force given by Imperious, known as the ITF. Upon completion of the ITF, you will be allowed to wear special Roman Gladiator-style costumes!

We tried the ITF last night and failed. It doesn't seem that difficult, but it's apparent that at least 2 tanks and debuffers are needed.

I'd like to try the ITF again on villain side. I'm planning on going as my Brute, Seranina. If you want to try the arc as a villain, you need to see Ashley McKnight, who is located by the University in Cap au Diable. You must be level 20 to do the arc.

Most of the toons we saw in Cimerora were high level, so our 50s will fit right in.

Other news:
I saw a Crab Spider and I want one! I think I might switch up my Widow to go for a Spider instead.
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