Demi Tasse (asrial_s) wrote in cov_i_c23ss,
Demi Tasse

More Adventurous

So, right now I am in Toronto, Canada! I'm visiting friends and relatives and am enjoying my vacation so far. I went to a Tim Horton's (a doughnut and coffee shop) today and was shocked to find out that they automatically put milk and sugar in your coffee! Not so in the United States. They are "self serve" when it comes to adding milk and sugar. I am also tickled to see some of the words spelled on signs with a European-style flair. ie) Neighbour, Harbour, LOL!

I logged into CoV a few days ago, but didn't stay on very long. I am looking forward to Warhammer and will probably play either a Sorceress or a Black Orc.

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