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Winds of Chaos

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Here is my latest project: Nielle the Sorceress!

I'm still playing Warhammer Online and having lots of fun. I originally started out as a Disciple of Khaine, but as usual, altitis has stricken me! Bright Wizards seem overpowered, so I thought to try "our" ranged class in Destruction Army.

The sorceress is fun to play. It's a blaster-type class from City of Heroes. I started reading online forums about the sorceress class and read what I think is the best description for it- A Glass Cannon. Very true. I can do oodles of damage, but am squishier as squishies can be.

I'm level 17 right now, so 3 levels away from getting my mount. I'm not sure what I'll name him yet.

What have you been doing?

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