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Hi All!

Here's a late Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone is having a great year so far.

Warhammer is a fun game, but they released an update last year that really made the game difficult. Apparently, the developers all play Order, so all the fun updates were made for them. Maybe I am a poor player, but it seems so much harder after this update. I have actually given up playing it since December. We can try it again, but I'm certainly not playing Destruction this time around.

I logged into CoH/CoV a few weeks ago. I didn't see anyone online that I recognized. I tried a few pickup games and learned that I still have "it", though I'm a bit slower. The shield thingy is interesting, but I didn't take it very far. I gave up after several failed pickup teams.

I have not been playing any game with any frequency lately, but we could certainly try for a scheduled time for Warhammer. There's a lot of fun elements to the game, but it's just so unbalanced right now.

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