tialice (tialice) wrote in cov_i_c23ss,

So ...

I think it's fair to say that we're probably not going to meet in City again.

In case anyone still reads here, thanks for all the teamups & the creative writing. I've been around a ton of SGs over the past 42 months (my latest vet badge!), but this is the best. I'm happy that our final session a few months ago wrapped up some of the story stuff. It seemed like a fitting sort of wrap for our villain careers.

If you end up trying a new game (like Champions online, maybe??) - post it here! You never know.

And obviously post here if, against all odds, you decide to revisit City. I'm still in the game- the new patch introduces the ability to customise the colours of your powers in the same way as for costumes. So if you always wanted purple storm powers or orange kinetics, this is your time.

And hey - if none of the above applies, why not post anyway - for old times sake. Let us know how you're doing.

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