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cov_i_c23ss's Journal

CoV - Invisibles - Cabal of 23 Stout Sticks
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for members and those interested in The Cabal of 23 Stout Sticks, a Super Group and Cell of The Invisibles on the Guardian Server in the City of Villains. It is mainly used as a form of communication between members however anyone is welcome to take part.

The concept of the The Invisibles as it relates to this group is loosely based on Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles". The idea is that there is a secret group operating within Pargon City that is split up into smaller Cells all working towards a common goal. Each Cell is independed of any other Cell, completely autonomous. In practical terms each Cell is a seperate Super Group allied with the other Invisible Cells (Super Groups). The idea is that each Cell has it's own theme and a group of players of like mind joining to play together. The Invisibles are expected to help out and work with other memebers of their own Cell and at times with other Cells.

The theme behind The Cabal of 23 Stout Sticks is loosely based on Discordianism and on an adult, BDSM, Kink friendly environment. However adult play is not a requirement, it is more a way to add flavour to the group. Everyone is of course welcome to and invited to dress in leather.

Shadow Feline is the official group pet, so give her a scratch behind the ear from time to time.